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Sunday 01 January 2020 | 00 : 00 : 00 AM
Bangladesh Flag আমার পণ্য আমার দেশ   Bangladesh Flag
Bangladesh Flag আমার পণ্য আমার দেশ   Bangladesh Flag
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Formation of a separate Chamber for the industrial community is the fulfillment of a long-felt need. Since the independence of Pakistan in 1947 the interests of both trade and industries had been looked after jointly by a Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This seemed justified in those years of initial industrialization of the country when there were not enough industries to justify a separate Chamber only for Industries. But with growing industrialization in the wake of the liberation of Bangladesh in December 1971, the perspective underwent a gradual change. Under the successive industrial policies as enunciated by the government, the pace of industrialization got further momentum. While putting utmost emphasis on the need of rapid industrialization for economic emancipation, Govt. acknowledged the concept of forming a separate Chamber of Industries in the country. This impelled the industrialists of various sectors of the country to converge together and deliberate on relevant issues involving the formation of the same. Thus Bangladesh Chamber of Industries was formed and got the approval of the Government. Accordingly, it started operation as the sole and exclusive Chamber of the industrial community in Bangladesh. It represents the industrialists as well as sectoral groups of industrialists and looks after their interests.


Facing the local and global challenges with the pace of 21st century in industries and industrialization to make the industries of Bangladesh innovative, competitive, cost-effective, and environment friendly. Protecting and patronizing the interest of backward and forward linkage of the production system as a whole, especially the entrepreneurs of future generations.


a) To disseminate knowledge and information to its members on national, regional and international rules-regulations, conventions, protocols, treaties, etc and keep them updated.

b) Oversee and monitor the VAT, tax and latest tariff policy related to trade and commerce and keep all the industries informed. If needed, negotiate with the government to rationalize it.

c) To negotiation with the government relating to policy formulation for smooth development of industries and boosting up industrialization.

d) To boost up CSMEs and encouraging young entrepreneurs to grow in the interest of economic development of the country and sustainability.

e) To help entrepreneurs of all industrial sectors in access to finance.

f) To achieve the goal of being a developed country we must keep pace with the development of 4th industrial revolution (4RI).


• To bring together industries in various parts of Bangladesh on a common platform for discussion of the problems affecting industries and make out solutions thereto.

• To promote, foster, encourage, protect and advance the interests of industries and their management to forge harmonious relations and co-operations amongst industries.

• To establish just and equitable principles of code of conduct and practice for organisations engaged in industries.

• To devise ways and means to accelerate the growth, promotion and development of industries in the country.

• To put forward suggestion in the formulation of Government Policy on Import, Export, Investment, Banking, Insurance, Industrial Relations, Fiscal Measures for the healthy growth and rapid industrialisation in the country.

• To represent on various Advisory and Consultative Committees under different Ministries and Departments of the Government as well as other Agencies essentially concerned with the growth and development of industries.

• To promote legislative and other measures affecting industries.

• To promote the cause of productivity in Mills and Factories.

• To settle controversies between industries and to arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising out of business transactions between parties willing and agreeing to abide by the decisions and award of the Chamber.

• To nominate delegations to represent the industrialists of Bangladesh at any International or other Conference as well as to organise industrial delegations, seminars, symposia, trade fairs, exhibitions and to receive any business delegation from abroad together with undertaking of research studies pertaining to industrial issues and dissemination of information amongst the constituents as well as to their counterparts of the overseas countries.

• To communicate with any Mercantile and Public Body throughout the world in order to concert and promote measures for the protection of industries and manufacturers as well as to invite Foreign Investment encouraging joint venture, joint collaboration, transfer of technology and for that matter to enter into Memorandum of Understanding and formation of Joint Chamber for the growth and development of industries in the country.