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Bangladesh Flag আমার পণ্য আমার দেশ   Bangladesh Flag
Bangladesh Flag আমার পণ্য আমার দেশ   Bangladesh Flag
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Any industry/manufacturing organization establish in Bangladesh who intends to become a member of Bangladesh Chamber of Industries (BCI) may apply for membership

Benefit of being a member
BCI is the sole and exclusive chamber of the industrial community both public and private in Bangladesh. It is a matter of honor for a member company to be part of the organization. Any company can give its inputs during a policy formulation process that may influence its business. BCI undertakes various lobbying activities for upholding the collective interest of various sectors. Upon becoming a member of BCI, any organization will get the opportunity to enjoy all the services offered by the Chamber.

1) Membership Certificate
2) Certificate of Origin (CO)
3) Document Attestation
4) B2B Match Making
5) Visa Recommendation Letter
6) Trade Information
7) Facilitate access to finance
8) Policy Advocacy
9) Trade Delegation Abroad
10) Webinars/Seminars
11) Trainings / workshops
12) Information Consultancy
13) Mentor & guide Young & Women Entrepreneurs and Start-ups
14) Help Desk

Membership Application Process
The process starts with the submission of a duly-filled membership form. The form is placed to the Membership Sub-Committee of the Chamber. The Sub-Committee, after considering the preliminary particulars and associated details about the applicant, recommends to the Chamber’s Board of Directors. The Board makes a thorough scrutiny of the application and approves the membership.
The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject any membership application without mentioning any reason.
Membership Application Form
Any industry/manufacturer can collect membership application form from BCI official website ( as well BCI office during business hour.
To be a Member (Ordinary or Associate) of BCI, the following processes need to be followed:
1. Registration to BCI Membership Online Service (MOS) (if you're registered, ignore it)

2. Log in to the MOS portal (https-----------------)

3. Name Clearance application is to be submitted

4. After Name Clearance, you will see an e-Membership form

5. Fill in the e-membership Application form and attach the required documents mentioned in the checklist below:

List of Attached Documents:

1) Updated Trade License

2) E-TIN Certificate (Original to be produced for Authentication

3) Partnership Deed of Registration (applicable for partnership organization)

4) Memorandum & Articles of Association (Applicable for Limited Company)

5) Certificate of Incorporation (Applicable for Limited Company)

6) Visiting Card

7) Copy of National Identity (NID)

8) Recent passport size photograph of the applicant

Membership Category Annual Subscription
Ordinary Tk. 6,000/-
Associate Tk. 5,000/-

Certificate of Origin:

1. Registration to BCI Membership Online Service (MOS) (if you're registered, ignore it)

2. Log in to the MOS portal (https-------------)

3. Fill up the E-Certificate of Origin (CO) Form.

4. Attach all the documents mentioned in the checklist given below:

List of Attached Documents: • Commercial Invoice • Bill of Lading • Packing List.

Certificate of Origin (CO) Fees:

Category BCI Member BCI Non Member
Certificate of Origin (Original) Tk. 70/- Tk. 70/-
Certificate of Origin (Copy) Tk. 50/- Tk. 50/-

Are You a BCI Member Yes No
Hot Line Number: IP Phone : +88-02223381669

Saturday-Wednesday: 9am - 4pm
Thursday: 9am - 1pm